3 Ways to Finance an Import Business

Starting an import business has a lot of attractive benefits: it can be very profitable and relatively simple once the process is streamlined. Fast and Easy Funds knows that getting started is half that battle. What products should you buy? Where will you sell your goods? And perhaps most importantly, where do you get the funding to start? It can be tough to get a traditional loan for an import business, but do not worry, there are other funding options.

An accounts receivable line of credit may be the answer to your funding question. This is a great option if you are waiting on payment from customers or vendors. Accounts receivable loans from Fast and Easy, allow you to borrow 85% to 90% of your accounts receivable lines of credit that are less than 90 days old.

If you do not have much in accounts receivables, but you have a lot in inventory laying around, asset-based lending is a better financing option for you. It will allow you to use your inventory to buy goods that are more desirable to your customer base. Fast and Easy Funds offers aggressive asset-based advances.

If you have a large purchase order from a website or vendor you cannot fill, a purchase order loan is yet another option to finance your import business. Purchase order financing can help you fulfill orders that you cannot complete on your own.

An import business may take a bit of work to get off the ground, but once it is properly financed, expect big profits! Call Fast and Easy Funds today for all your working capital needs!