Asset Based Lending is the Solution for Businesses with Bad Credit

Almost every business that has ever existed has taken a loan out at some point. Tesla, Microsoft, even Apple computers, no business is immune to fluctuating markets or business opportunities that require quick cash. If your business has experienced a loss in sales or has defaulted on previous loans, the issue then becomes how you can get a loan with bad credit? The solution for your growing business may be asset based lending.

Asset Based Lending

Standard business loans from banks come with aggressive interest rates and any asset based lending usually requires 40% to 50% inventory in advance. This strategy works for big banks but often leaves small to medium sized business owners with tight restrictions and a cash flow that can be more trouble than its worth. Asset based lending is a solution offered by the financial professionals at Fast and Easy Funds.

Business loans are meant to providing breathing room and potential for growth to the companies that receive them. The Asset based lending structure at Fast and Easy Funds is a method of taking advantage of what you already have. Using your assets as collateral, loans are paid to your business that will provide the freedom they already need.

These loans are especially well suited for companies with a lot of assets. Typically, asset based lending is utilized by companies in the manufacturing, service or distribution industries because of the vast and high quality assets they possess. But if your business does not fall into any of those categories do not count yourself out. Loans can be awarded for vehicles and real estate.

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