Asset Based Loans: Using Collateral for Online Business Loans

Fast and Easy Funds has several online business loan options: cash advances, easy term loans, and asset based loans. Each online business loan has different advantages for a variety of companies, but no company can benefit from all the online loans we offer. Collateral for online business loans works only for a specific business type.

Before we determine if your business can benefit from an asset based loan, let’s be sure to define it.

Asset based loans refer to any loan that is secured by an asset. If the loan is not repaid per the agreed upon terms, then the online business lender will take possession of the collateral for online business loan.

If you don’t pay, the company’s physical assets will be transferred to the lender.

Who – Companies that own a lot of collateral for online business loans are best set up to benefit from asset based loans. Usually, these are companies that create products and deliver services in the real world. For example, a digital marketing company would not have enough collateral for online business loans to benefit from the loan.

When – Companies that are in desperate need of capital injection because of some unforeseen financial hurdle. Not all hurdles are negative. Your business could decide to secure an asset based loan to foster growth!

How – This is where Fast and Easy Funds can help. We are a trusted online business lender with years of experience in the industry. Simply contact a business loan specialist at Fast and Easy Funds and we will take care of the rest.