3 Reasons Asset-Based Lending Has Increased in the UK

Our friends across the pond are often a reflection of our own business habits here in the states. Other times, the United Kingdom can help us predict future developments or aid in our understanding of global trends. As of late, businesses in the UK are turning to asset based lending to grow and expand.

  1. Flexibility. Asset based loans are much more flexible than loans from traditional lenders, like banks. Banks in the UK often consider factors like existing debt, which are much less important to asset based lenders, who are more concerned with a business’ assets.
  2. Ease of access. Since the financial crisis, loans have become much harder to come by from banks. Lending standards and restrictions have become stricter in the current financial environment. If a business is looking for working capital in the UK, asset based lending gives them the options they need to expand.
  3. Acceptance. Asset based lending has not always been known as a way to grow a business in the UK. It was once known as a loan of last resort, but times have changed. In fact, because of its flexibility and ease of access, some of the UK’s largest companies have turned to asset-based lending (along with small and mid-sized companies).

Asset based lending has certainly become more popular in the United States, but its popularity has also grown in the UK. This is a sign of asset based lending’s versatility and usefulness. If your business is interested in asset based lending, Fast and Easy Funds can help you acquire the working capital you need.

How to Avoid Bankruptcy with Asset-Based Lending

Running a business is no easy task, and financing is often a major issue. If you have run into some tough times and are contemplating bankruptcy for your business, not so fast. It is important to weigh all of your options to ensure you are not making a hasty decision. Asset-based lending has become a popular alternative to bankruptcy for companies across the globe. If you are considering this type of loan, Fast and Easy Funds offers the highest inventory rates in the industry.

Asset-based lending is a type of borrowing secured against any asset of the company. This could be inventory or other assets like machinery and real estate. Asset-based lending offers a huge advantage over bankruptcy. It allows companies to secure fair values for their assets, and more importantly, allows the company to stay in business. On the other hand, after declaring bankruptcy, a business must fastly sell off all its assets, and finding a fair valuation often proves difficult. If your company has valuable assets, asset-based lending is an option that should definitely be weighed.

While asset-based lending is a solid alternative to bankruptcy, is can also be used for a variety of other instances for businesses. It can be secured for companies that do not want their lines of credit capped by a traditional lender, or for those that are looking to maximize their access to working capital. If you are interested in asset-based lending to avoid bankruptcy or for other business reasons, contact Fast and Easy Funds today at 1-833-222-3249.

What is ‘Asset Based’ Lending?

Are you a business owner looking to grow but not sure how to get funding? Fast and Easy Funds can help. Our nationwide financial company offers working capital solutions through a variety of financing options, including Asset Based Lending.

Asset Based Lending, sometimes referred to as “Commercial Finance”, is a business loan that is secured using assets as collateral. This line of credit, or business loan, is secured using inventory, accounts receivables, and/or other business balance-sheet assets.

Asset Based Lending is designed to help companies meet cash flow restrictions, such as payroll or building inventory.  These business loans are ideal for companies with high growth that do not want to be restricted by a bank’s line of credit options, or would prefer to use a non-traditional lender. Interest rates for Asset Based Lending are less than unsecure loans because if the borrower defaults, the lender has the ability to seize the assets to recoup their lending loss.

Fast and Easy Funds is a nationwide financial company that offers Asset Based Lending between $500,000 and $35 million.

Some of our current Asset Based Lending clients include: oil & gas companies, gas & oil chemicals, prescription distributors, and water treatment services.

Our annual interest rates for Asset Based Lending start at 4% per annum.

If your company is struggling with growth because of working capital restrictions, Fast and Easy Funds would like to help! Contact us today at 833-222-3249 for a free, no obligation quote for financial solutions, including Asset Based Lending.