Contractors ‘Build’ Their Business with Asset Based Lending

As the weather gets warmer, construction projects seem to spring up one after another. Housing developments, retail outlets, restaurant strips and shopping malls have become pervasive in America. All this construction is good news for contractors, but oftentimes, they do not have the working capital to bid on or complete big projects. If you are a contractor that needs working capital, Fast and Easy Funds suggests an asset based loan.

Construction projects cost a lot for contractors. Payroll, new hires and supplies must be paid for, and often, vendors need payment well in advance. Sought projects can become burdensome for many construction companies once the costs start rolling in; traditional lenders and banks are not always the solution either. They require a lengthy application process and a lot of red tape. That’s why Fast and Easy offers asset-based lending for contractors.

Our asset-based lending program is perfect for contractors who have valuable machinery or equipment. Use these assets as a kind of collateral, and obtain the working capital your construction company needs. We offer the highest inventory advanced rates in the industry and we commonly lend on assets like machinery or equipment (which is perfect for contractors). Enjoy low annual interest rates, starting at 4% per annum.

With asset-based lending from Fast and Easy Funds, you can “build” your contracting or construction business from the ground up! To apply for an asset-based loan or to learn more, contact Fast and Easy Funds today!