6 Facts You Need to Know About Cash Advances

Qualifying for a business loan can prove to be pretty tough in today’s economy. Securing a bank loan requires a squeaky clean background, a high credit score, a long and tedious application, and seemingly never-ending waiting periods. Because of this, a bank loan is not an option for many small business owners. Luckily, Fast and Easy Funds offers many financing options for businesses that need cash fast. Take out cash advance, for instance. It is a flexible options for those looking for cash to expand and grow their business. Let’s take a look:

  1. Cash advances offer businesses a lump sum in exchange for future earnings. This is great for when companies need liquidity fast, as the cash advances help businesses maintain cash flow during times of growth.
  2. A cash advance is not a loan. Instead, a cash advance is the sale of future earnings. Since a cash advance is not a loan, businesses do not have to jump through the same hoops to secure them.
  3. Company profiles do not need to be perfect to secure a cash advance. If your business has had bankruptcies in the past, or if its credit score is not exceptionally high, you can still get a cash advance to expand your business. Even if your company has a tax lien, a cash advance is still possible as long as you have a payment plan in place with the IRS.
  4. Cash advances are on the rise. As bank loans are harder to come by, many small businesses are turning to cash advances when they need working capital to grow.
  5. Diverse industries use cash advances. Retailers, hospitality providers, restaurants, and other service-oriented industries find cash advances very helpful. Whether companies need the lump sum to buy goods, pay employees, or undertake renovations, cash advances provide small businesses with the funds they need to grow.
  6. Securing a cash advance is easy with Fast and Easy Funds. You can have your loan funded in as little as two days! Just a few documents are needed for our simple application process. You can receive multiple offers and choose the loan that best suits your company’s needs.

Cash advances offer the flexibility and liquidity that many businesses today are seeking. If your business is looking for cash, but is not interested in a loan, a cash advance may be right for you. If you would like to learn more, call us today and get started on your application!