How to Recommended a Small Business Loan

Online business loans for small business are a source of vitality for businesses all across America, and the benefits are easily understandable. However, there are some instances where you may find that a colleague, family member, or even a client are averse to the idea of taking an online business loan. Recommending a small business loan to a fellow entrepreneur can be a touching subject for some, but it really does not have to be. Fast & Easy Funds helps small businesses get that extra cash flow they need to either meet daily demands or grow. No matter how touchy the subject may be, Fast & Easy Funds can help by offering some tips for how to recommend a small business loan.


As mentioned above, you could recommend a small business loan to anyone who owns or operates a small business. Relationships are important to business owners, but beyond that, most are very logical and a good entrepreneur can weigh the pros and cons of most important decisions. Online, small business lenders like Fast and Easy Funds have a range of business loan options to suit multiple business models and needs. When it comes to recommending a small business loan for a niche industry, find an online business lender with the experience and options that make sense for the business in question.


Typically, it is better to recommend a small business loan before the financial situation becomes desperate in anyway. Since business owners and people in general tend to make better decisions when not under pressure, timing when recommending a small business loan is the key to its success.


This will depend on your relationship with the person, but a good rule of thumb is to wait for the conversation to turn to the topic of the business financials. If it never does, then it may be time for you to ask probing questions. If you know the entrepreneur in your life is very proud, it may be more difficult to indirectly get the gist of the state of the business. In those cases, be direct and outright ask; you may be positively surprised at the reaction you get and the honesty. Ensure that you are only asking because you have their best interest in mind.


Online business loans have been the saving grace for a staggering amount of businesses in the U.S. over the last 10 years, so when you recommend a small business loan, it is often that saving grace. Additionally, it is not all negative. Some businesses need a helping hand, some are doing well and are looking for extra cash flow in order to expand, and others need the help to stock up for seasonal inventory. Whatever the reason, the benefits are immeasurable.


Entrepreneurs can be a strong headed bunch; some might even say just a little stubborn, so the question is, “how can I recommend a small business loan to an entrepreneur and actually get through to them?” Entrepreneurs are thinkers; they ask questions and track down solutions. They never talk of a problem without a solution in mind, even if that solution is perhaps not the most beneficial. So, when approaching the subject of obtaining a small business loan from an online lender, come prepared with details you have backed up by research that helps them see it in their own eyes. Find some statistics and data representing why it is a great option for them and then pitch it to them.