3 Advantages to Asset Based Lending

Asset based loans have gained much popularity in the past years. They offer a number of advantages that you can expect from similar products, such as a line of credit. However, qualifying for an asset based loan is much easier through Fast and Easy Funds. Below, are the 4 most important benefits of asset based loans.

Easy to get. Asset Based Lending is easier to qualify for than a business loan from a bank or line of credit. Your business needs to have a short track record of profitability and reasonable financial controls. You also need the assets that can be leveraged.  With a simple application, you can get a loan fast with Fast and Easy – hence the name.

Improved Liquidity. The most important benefit that your company gets from using asset based financing, is improved liquidity. Asset based lending can provide you with financial stability and predictable cash flow. This benefit can help stabilize operations for companies that are growing rapidly, have tight cash flows, or have seasonal revenues.  It is perfect for high growth companies that do not want their lines of credit capped by a traditional lender. Asset based credit lines continue growing as your receivables and/or inventory levels rise.

More Flexible. There are few restrictions when it comes to asset based lending. As long as it serves your business purpose. The financing line itself is tied to the value of your accounts receivables and other collateral. As a result, the credit line can increase as your sales grow. With Fast and Easy, you can get Term sheets within a matter of days.

Cash flow can make or break a business. Don’t fall short this year. Look into the asset based lending program at Fast and Easy for your business needs.

Top Business Owners Lead by Example

As a business owner, knowing key business owners and how they operate can help you look at the things that your business might need.  Even major business owners can fall short on cash flow and supplies, which is why many have turned to asset based lenders like Fast and Easy Funds The following owners have seen it all and have earned their spot on our list of top business owners that lead by example.

  1. Tim O’Reilly is the founder of O’Reilly Media. They publish magazines and books, and host events. The company he built is today, one of the most forward-looking businesses in Silicon Valley. Despite the unfavorable events he encountered through the economic collapse years ago, his company has still managed to flourish through the use of cash advance funding.
  2. Nick Sarillo of Nick’s Pizza & Pub in Chicago is a well-known pizza place. They have a trust and track theory that if you train and trust your staff, they will dish out their responsibilities to their best ability. He finds that this has helped with his work load and can trust them to do the work. In return, he offers great compensation with payroll benefits through cash advances.
  3. John Mackey is the CEO of Whole Foods and he says, “Character is key in employees.” Making sure that your company has the right tools to have happy workers, can help your business grow. If the cash funds are not available to meet these needs, then an asset based loan can help you pay your employees sufficiently. As Mackey would say, “happy workers means happy business”

Top owners know that cash flow and happy workers are the most important ways for a business to grow. These men have changed the way that businesses develop and can help you with your business. If your company could benefit from a cash advance, look to Fast and Easy Funds for assistance. Fast and Easy Funds helps numerous business owners stay on track with all their payroll needs.