The Perks of Cash Advances

Fast and Easy Funds’ cash advance means that you can receive a business loan that will provide your company with extra cash money, so that your business can continue to expand or cover unexpected costs. A business cash advance is a short term loan that you are able to take against your credit line or business, up to a certain amount. If you are in the midst of a difficult financial situation, a Fast and Easy cash advance should be considered to help you cover necessary business expenses. The following are the perks to taking out a Fast and Easy cash advance:

  • Easy to apply and qualify: Applying and qualifying for a Fast and Easy cash advance is incredibly easy, since the only limitations are that your business has sufficient income and you have never defaulted on another loan in the past.
  • Information security: When you apply for your Fast and Easy cash advance, your personal banking information is secure, meaning that Fast and Easy Funds will never lend it to other companies without your permission.
  • Fast: Filling out a Fast and Easy application and receiving a cash advance only takes a few minutes.
  • Flexible: Fast and Easy Funds’ cash advances are short –term, and once it has been paid down to half of the original loan amount, the cash advance can be repeatedly renewed.
  • Invaluable in case of emergency: Cash advances are invaluable when you need money for unexpected expenditures, such as bills or pending fees.
  • Convenient: Fast and Easy Funds is available outside of regular banking hours, which will allow you to obtain money for your business at any time. Fast and Easy funds also allows you to apply for a cash advance online!