Using an Accounts Receivable Loan to Grow your Staffing Agency

A Fast and Easy accounts receivable loan is for clients to accelerate their cash flow by financing their receivables as collateral in exchange for a cash advance, which makes this loan type ideal when you are looking to expand your staffing agency, since you have no tangible inventory to use as collateral. You will be able to receive cash in advance typically within 30, 60, or 90 days, once you provide the needed capital to meet the operational overhead.

For many staffing agency owners, cash flow problems are chronic and can be a continual threat in the survival of the staffing agency. This holds true for many rapidly growing agencies. Most commercial clients will be more than happy to use your staffing agency, but they tend to take their time paying their invoices. Delaying payments to staffing vendors is their own way to deal with their own cash flow issues. In the meantime, this can leave your staffing agency on the hook for salaries, tax benefits, and overhead.

Fast and Easy Funds offers the solution to alleviate the lapse in payments to your staffing agency. The Fast and Easy accounts receivable loan will allow you to borrow 85-90% of your accounts receivables that are less than 90 days old, giving you stable cash flow, the funds to meet your current obligations, as well as the ability to finance the staffing of new clients. In turn, you can use this money to hire temporary staffing for new perspective clients, which seems to be the obvious choice to meet personal needs both now and in the future.

Fast and Easy Funds offers fast approvals on account receivable loans and the option to not notify your clients, apply online today!